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the collection presented with the Namida Brand is inspired by the 30s, made of natural stones and flowers, showy jewels inspired by motifs naturalistic that bears the name of STRANGE FRUIT, new shapes with a retro flavor, each piece is welded and hand-sewn by Fabiana Puorto partner and designer. Real cocktail jewels, daring jewels with a cinematic impact, but at the same time perfect even on a more casual style, floral brooches and necklaces with cherry branches accompanied by natural micro-beads or Japanese coral, important rings, spectacular earrings, jeweled headbands and refined combs.

Ultra-modern creations that have the charm of magical ancient family jewels with pastel or even bright colors, with a naturalistic subject, rich and sumptuous, yet delicate and feminine in which baroque pearls with rosy, gray or keshi pearls dominate, and you know the thread of pearls is refinement and elegance par excellence and Namida has chosen to create StrangeFruit to give style even in what is apparently classic.

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&clò is a pure feminine brand, created by women living an unconventional couture mood. Every piece is designed to amaze who wears it, and seduce who sees it. It’s from a simple idea, that all starts, from a glimmer that comes into a sketch, and then - through deep expertise and skilful handcraft - blooms as a jewel. &clò goes along with fashion: some times seconding trends, some other fore-coming or inspirating them. &clò creations are nothing-but- common pieces, being able to reinvent themselves with unexpected covers, or experiencing new raw materials, and always cherishing their precious elegance.

&clò brand stands for passion, womanliness, and unique features. Our true hart beats in collection that a new generation does - proud of an outstanding name - to continue a family history. &clò lead Italian jewellery sector since more than a half century: its today mixes up tradition and futuristic techniques, pregnancy of roots and up-to-date style, to donate to women art pieces that are, at the same time, contemporary and everlasting.

Every piece signed &clò is entirely handcrafted in Italy, made by 925 silver and top quality raw materials, all guaranteed hypoallergenic. For every model, strict checks displayed on the prototype, before that the piece is eligible for production, guarantee our top quality level. Any of the alloys we use contains cadmium, and all our creations completely fulfil to requirements foxed by EU standard EN1811/2011 regulations on nickel emissions subject. Every our packaging, too, is entirely made in Italy. 

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The Mammacua brand is 100% Italian. Each bijou is a unique, exclusive and patented product, entirely designed and handcrafted in Italy. 'Mammacua' is a Sardinian dialect word that means "hide and seek", to represent that pinch of childhood capable of transmitting love. For Mammacua, all the children of the world are equal; and each of the 'dolls', although different in features or colors, is the sister of the others. The jewels are handmade in each phase of production, in a limited and numbered edition of just 350 pieces; which makes them - in fact - collector's items

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Made in Italy

Ogni gioiello è prodotto interamente in Italia da idee di designer italiani e con materie prime anallergiche senza nichel.


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